Codebusters Ciphers Tools 🛠️
Website created for the Science Olympaid event Codebusters. Provides guides and test/question generation tools for all ciphers in the event, being used by thousands of competitors, clubs, coaches, and test writers across the country. I primarily developed the Nihilist Cipher page and solver logic, and help implement other features.
VT Firewatch 🔥
Website that tracks fire alarm data at Virginia Tech residential halls, since they happen very often for some reason. is visited thousands of times each month (mostly by students on campus). I worked on designing the front end and pulling data to integrate with it.
SO @ VT 🔭
Website built for the Science Olympiad at Virginia Tech organization, which I am an officer of. I designed the entire site with Svelte and deployed through Vercel.
3D Graphing Calculator 📈
Functional 3D graphing calculator built w/ Lua in Roblox Studio. Just a cool thing to play with, especially if you enjoy multivariable calculus!
Connect 4 🎮
The classic Connect 4 board game - but with a lot more! You can queue up against friends or random people, and play classic, minigames, or speed mode. Built w/ Lua in Roblox Studio.
Cryptogram Generator 🔓
A simple substitution cipher (AKA cryptogram) generator. Allows for the user to input letters to try and solve the timed cipher. Cryptograms are generated from a starter bank of about 70 quotes, but you can add your own to practice/play with. Built using Python (tkinter).